Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova

In 2012 Navigation Technologies ltd (Naviteh) received the official status of MPC Developer from GARMIN - world's leader in GPS navigation equipment. We are the only company from the Republic of Moldova that has a direct contract with GARMIN Europe and holds a MPC license. As a result, our country has direct access to the most advanced GPS technologies available now.

We have the pleasure to present you the most detailed and comprehensive digital atlas of the Republic of Moldova available for GARMIN GPS navigation devices.

Moldova NT Road Atlas 3D & Topo offers automatic routing, very rich POI content, and an extensive address search database.

Along with the road network and railway paths, we plotted the green areas and waters, as well as elevation data. Street name search is available in 1000 settlements, of which 132 have house numbers with point addressing enabled (including addresses with fractions and with letters) and also have 3D building contours. We feature 60 realistic 3D models of major tourist attractions. The number of points of interest (POIs) exceeded 190 thousand, of which 17.5 thousand have phone numbers.

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