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for the Republic of Moldova
November 5, 2016:

A major map update was released today - Moldova NT Road Atlas 3D & Topo, 2016.2

Now with even more points of interest (POIs) from all possible domains and categories!

In comparison with the previous release from March 2016, in the 2016.2 version there have been added 12.5 thousand new POIs (!), of which the main categories are:

+4,510 NGOs (associations, organizations, foundations...)
+1,850 lawyers
+840 financial-banking institutions (branches of banks, microlending organizations, savings and credit associations...)
+730 insurance institutions (branches and brokers)
+630 shops
+550 touristic landmarks
+425 ATMs
+355 governmental institutions
+330 foreign exchange bureaus
+230 pawn shops
+215 judiciary institutions (including +170 court executors and +45 probation offices)
+215 churches and cemeteries
+205 notary offices
+200 cafes, restaurants and hotels
+160 education institutions
+120 health care institutions
+115 car related services (gas stations, repair stations, car wash)
+100 drug stores.

On the other hand, we decided to delete from the data base 23 thousand enterprises which have been liquidated or are under liquidation procedure, which, however, were present in the previous releases.

Therefore, the total number of POIs is now about 190 thousand.

At the same time, we have doubled the number of POIs with phone numbers. Currently their number reached 17,360!
Practically all financial sector institutions,  insurance, foreign exchange bureaus, judiciary institutions - lawyers, notaries, court executors etc. have phone numbers.

Also, numerous corrections and updates related to the map information contained and routing were made, and 1000 new address points have been added.

Update is offered to our customers free of charge.

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