Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova
 Moldova Road Atlas 3D & Topo

We would like to present you the digital/vector atlas of the Republic of Moldova, having a high-detail level, automatic routing, and an extensive address search database.

Moldova NT Road Atlas 3D & Topo is presented in 3 versions: two in Romanian language (in standard Latin alphabet and the Unicode version with specific Romanian symbols) and the Russian version in Cyrillic alphabet (full translation). Users can choose to install the needed version, and that will not depend on the current menu language setting of the GPS.


1687 settlements (cities and villages, all have street network drawn), 43.6 thousand kilometers of a comprehensive road network (major highways, principal, arterial, residential and unpaved), railway paths, forest and parks areas (4.1 thousand sq. km), lakes and rivers (0.7 thousand sq. km), orchards and vineyards (3.3 thousand sq. km), height contours (10m interval), 7720 discrete elevation spots, and others.

Address search up to the street name is available in 1000 settlements, of which 132 have full address search up to the house numbers (point addressing, including addresses with fractions and with letters). All these 132 settlements have 3D building contours. Also, there are 60 realistic 3D models of important buildings in Chisinau and other locations.

The atlas offers more than 190 thousand points of interest (POIs): hotels, places to eat, shops, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, banks, enterprises, services, gas stations, bus and rail stations, parkings, various tourist attractions, museums, parks, natural reservations, geographical objects, historical and archeological monuments, monasteries/churches, resorts, wineries, as well as state institutions, Customs posts and others. Of these, about 17.5 thousand contain phone numbers. Public Wi-Fi areas are also shown.

Users can search for settlements, including the address search, and also search for POIs.

A detailed statistics of all points of interest, as well as exhaustive information about the level of detail in cities covered, can be found further on...