Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova
Detailed city mapping

We have street level coverage in all 1680 settlements of Moldova and all have street network with automatic routing. Settlements can be searched by name, and all of them can be found from the address search menu as well.

Street names are present in 1164 settlements (total number of indexed streets: 28.7 thousand). Among them are: Chisinau (capital city of the Republic of Moldova), Balti, Tiraspol, Comrat, district centers and other settlements - here is the full list.

Out the above mentioned settlements, 138 have full address search up to the house numbers (point addressing), incl. numbers, letters, fractions (both new and old Garmin devices supported). Total number of indexed address points: over 250 thousand, of which 22 thousand are alphanumeric.

All these 138 settlements feature 3D buildings. Here is the full list: Chisinau, Albinita, Alexanderfeld, Andrusul de Jos, Andrusul de Sus, Anenii Noi, Bacioi, Baltata, Balti, Basarabeasca, Bender, Beriozchi, Besghioz, Blijnii Hutor, Bogdanovca Noua, Bogdanovca Veche, Braila, Briceni, Bubuieci, Budesti, Bugeac, Burlaceni, Cahul, Cainari, Calarasi, Cantemir, Capriana, Causeni, Ceadir-Lunga, Chiriet-Lunga, Chirsova, Cimislia, Ciorescu, Cocieri, Codru, Cojusna, Colonita, Comrat, Condrita, Congazcicul de Jos, Congazcicul de Sus, Corpaci, Cotihana, Cricova, Crihana Veche, Criuleni, Cucoara, Danceni, Dimitrovca, Dnestrovsk, Dobrogea, Donduseni, Drochia, Dubasari, Dumbrava, Durlesti, Edinet, Falesti, Fauresti, Ferapontievca, Floreni, Floresti, Frumusica, Gavanoasa, Ghidighici, Ghindesti, Gisca, Glodeni, Goian, Goianul Nou, Gratiesti, Hincesti, Hulboaca, Hutulu, Ialoveni, Iujnoe, Joltai, Lebedenco, Leova, Lipcani, Malcoci, Manta, Maximovca, Mereni, Milestii Mici, Nicolaevca, Nihoreni, Nisporeni, Ocnita, Orhei, Paicu, Parcani, Pascani, Pelinei, Peresecina, Piatra Alba, Revaca, Rezina, Ribnita, Riscani, Rosu, Ruseni, Sagaidac, Sagaidacul de Sus, Satuc, Scoreni, Singera, Singerei, Slobozia, Socoleni, Soldanesti, Soroca, Stauceni, Stefan Voda, Stohnaia, Straisteni, Straseni, Sucleea, Suruceni, Taraclia, Telenesti, Ternovka-Tirnauca, Tintareni, Tiraspol, Tiraspolul Nou, Tohatin, Tomai, Truseni, Tvardita, Ungheni, Ursoaia, Vadul lui Isac, Vadul Lui Voda, Varnita, Vatra, Vladimirovca, Vulcanesti, Zirnesti.

Number of points of interest (POI): 98.5 thousand, of which:

various tourist attractions and places - 4956, lodging - 638, places to eat - 2925, shops - 13633, financial institutions/ATMs/payment terminals - 7481, personal/business services - 27379, government institutions - 3474, NGOs - 4982, schools/kindergartens/universities - 4211, hospitals/drug stores - 3941, sport centers/stadiums - 1841, churches/cemeteries - 4010, gas stations/charging points - 916, car dealers/repair/spare parts - 1156, parking places/garages - 1040 (incl. bike parking spots), topo elements (bridges, old farms, tractor brigades) - 5451, emergency facilties (shelters/hydrant points) - 4490, labelled parks/forests - 3487, labelled rivers/lakes - 359, and other POIs.

Of them, 19.7 thousand POIs have phone numbers included.

In addition to the POIs listed above, we included the numbered entrances into the apartment blocks in Chisinau - 8357 in total.
On top of that, there are over a hundred thousand of incorporated legal entities registered with state authorities, compiled in a separate map file.