Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova
July 16, 2023:

Map update released today: Moldova NT Road Atlas 2023.2

This release has +20 settlements with street names and +6 settlements with 3D building contours and full address, up to the house number (Cainari, Capriana, Condrita, Milestii Mici, Scoreni si Piatra Alba).
Total number of points of interests (POI) has increased by 99 (even if over 50 Tirex Petrol fuel stations have been shut down and hence eliminated from the map).
For the runners/hikers community we added 194 km of trails. 

As always, numerous technical corrections/updates were made to the routing, address search, etc. 
The update is offered to our customers free of charge.