Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova



1) Moldova Road Atlas 2024.1 (Mar-2024) for Drive, DriveLuxe, DriveAssist, DriveSmart, etc., and for Nuvi 2XXX, 3XXX (except 37XX), Zumo 590, as well as for portable series Colorado, Dakota, Montana, Oregon, Monterra, etc.:

MOLDOVA ROAD ATLAS WITH DEM RELIEF (for supported devices) + SID file

MOLDOVA ROAD ATLAS Unicode with Romanian letters + SID file

MOLDOVA ROAD ATLAS in Russian language + SID file

SID file should be unzipped and copied to the folder \.System\SID\ on the device,
it will activate the grey-out feature for address search.

2) Moldova Road Atlas 2024.1 (Mar-2024) optimized for watches (Fenix, etc.), as well as for Edge and new ETrex series: 

3) Moldova Road Atlas 2023.3 (Oct-2023) for Nuvi 1XXX, Nuvi 3760, Nuvi 4X/5X, and for Astro 320, etc.:  

4) Moldova Road Atlas 2023.3 (Oct-2023) for Nuvi 3790, Zumo 660/350, and for Kenwood series 7240, 7260, 9240, 9260, DNX520, etc., and also GVN53:                                                                                                                   

5) Moldova Road Atlas 2023.3 (Oct-2023) designed for old devices which do not have address search with fractions and letters (please enter "00" instead of the fraction): Nuvi 2xx, 3xx, 6xx, 7xx, Nuvi 8xx, Nuvi 5000, Zumo 500/550, StreetPilot i3, c320, c330, c340, c550, 7200/7500, old portable series: eTrex, Gpsmap 276C, Astro 220 and the old Kenwood series 5220, 7220, 8220 and KNA-G520, GVN52: 

6) Additional modules, if needed:

SPEED CAMERAS (2024) -- to be copied to \POI\ folder on the device

MOLDOVA ISOLINES - height contours at 10m interval (no updates) -- to be copied to \MAP\ folder

EXTRA POI (no updates) - including about 117 thousand of companies registered at the ASP/CIS and compiled in a separate file (the POI search time will significantly increase!) -- to be copied to \MAP\ folder

     EXTRA POI Unicode with Romanian letters 

     EXTRA POI in Russian language

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