Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova
November 22, 2022:

A major map update released today: Moldova NT Road Atlas 2022.2

After many months of intense work on improving the content of our atlas, more specifically the topographical aspect, this release is bringing lots of impressive improvements: 

    • about 6500 (!!!) new points of interest (POIs), reaching an absolute record of 93200 POIs in total! There are increases for almost all categories of POIs, but here are the most significant ones: +2542 farms and tractor brigades; +1463 hills and valleys (named); +1274 bridges; +267 forester sites; +257 cultural centers/clubs; +224 cemeteries; +212 shops; +140 tourist attractions/landscapes; +132 government institutions; +122 forests and parks (named); +121 lakes and rivers (named); plus 416 POIs from all other categories; 

    • in support of runners/hikers' community, we increased by several times (!) the total length of trails, especially in the preferred hiking areas. Now the total length of pedestrian trails reached 11.8 thousand km (compared with 3.2 thousand km before);

    • total area of all lakes has increased by 16 square kilometers, and the total length of all rivers and streams has doubled!

    • for the first time, we plotted on the map the locations of individual and collective amateur radio sites (featuring 473 call signs). No other GPS map has anything like this;

    • we added 6357 new elevation points, in addition to the 12575 existing before. All these discrete height points come separately and are not included in the total number of POIs mentioned above;

    • numerous technical corrections/updates were made to the routing (including, of course, the road segments recently commissioned at Porumbrei-Cimislia 19km, and near Bahmut), address search, etc. 

This update is offered to our customers free of charge.