Naviteh presents GARMIN Licensed Tehnology
for the Republic of Moldova

We have good news and bad news this time:

1) Another update of our atlas was issuedMoldova NT Road Atlas 2023.3 and from now on the map becomes free for everybody! This is our farewell present...

2) After 18 years of hard work we are now announcing the closure of this project. People's preference shifted towards smartphones, google, etc. and therefore Garmin GPS devices are no longer in demand... This had a devastating impact on us - almost zero profits, while expenditures, especially administrative ones cannot be cut completely. The only solution in such situation is the closure of company. this is it. 

The history of our project to produce the digital atlas of Moldova for Garmin devices goes back to 2005 (www.gpsmoldova.com), being undertaken in 2012 by the Navigation Technologies company from Moldova, official partner oficial of Garmin International. Our motivation was purely patrotic from the very beginning a nd we are proud of what we made, our map being the most comprehensive of all existing in the market now. 

For the future there will just be some occasional routine updates and that's all. We would like to thank eveybody who supported us in this long journey! 


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